Car Care Privacy Policy

KB Productions, LLC, does not share data collected in its apps, including email addresses for newsletters and car service and fuel entries, with any third parties. 

A future upgrade to Car Care may enable syncing to an online server. Data will be stored there only if the users opts-in to this sync service. This data will not be shared with third parties unless the user opts-in to share this data with third parties. 

Anonymous metrics may be taken by KB Productions from data on the server, in order to generate data such as a heat map of fuel prices for the USA. 

If present on your version of Car Care, when you choose to Share Fuel Price in the app, the app will send the following pieces of data to us:

  • Currency
  • Price per quantity unit
  • Quantity Unit
  • Location

We aggregate this data and store it anonymously on our server in order to help you see how fuel prices are compared around your city, your country, and internationally. We are not sharing this data with outside sources.